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images of Moscow in the RGB format (A2, 45 x 60cm and 300 dpi)  


Another offer is a selection of digital images of Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other places in the RGB format (A2, 45 x 60cm and 300 dpi) that can be used as illustrations in advertising and promotional materials such as leaflets, calendars, posters, and billboards. This body of work has been produced with professional equipment and is fully prepared for professional use. All images are protected by copyright and other appropriate legal instruments. The buyer will receive a Royalty Free license.


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images А2
>2 3 >Disc А4   St.Petersburg
фотография Московского Кремля
фото Спасской башни
дом музыки ночью
манежная площадь
Фото Большого театра
фото памятника Минину и Пожарскому
фото Московского Кремля
ХХС ночью
мост Багратион в Москва-Сити
фото Московского Кремля
фото фонтана на площади Европы
фото фонтана на Поклонной горе ночной
фото собора Василия Блаженного

Photographs for calendars, posters and other advertising and promotional uses.
· Moscow: the Kremlin; Red Square; Lenin's tomb; St. Basil's Cathedral; Russia's Government Building (known as the 'Moscow White House'); the State Duma; Pushkin Monument; Yuri Dolgoruki Monument; Lubianka Square; Cathedral Square inside the Kremlin; the Tsar Cannon and the Tsar Bell; the Ivan the Great Belfry; Minin and Pozharsky Monument; Bolshoi Theater; New Year Celebrations in Moscow; the Spasskaya Tower; Russia's coat of arms; Russia's flag; Russia's state symbols;
· St. Petersburg: the Winter Palace; Palace Square; Petergof; Vasilyevsky Island; the Kazan Cathedral; the Fontanka River; bridges, palaces, and embankments;
· Vladimir and Suzdal;
· Russian landscapes.

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