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Photos of Moskow
Photos of St.Petersburg
other historical towns

Photos of Moscow and St.Peterburg

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  Photos of Moscow(2CD А4dpi) 1 2 Photos of St.Peterburg (CD А4-300dpi) слайды с видами Москвы и Санкт Петербурга
  >>> фотографии Москвы

This web resource presents original photographs of Moscow, St. Petersburg, and several other old Russian cities. The images, produced by Tri Kvadrata Publishers, are available, in different sizes and formats, in three CD selections and a portfolio of large-format slides.

Disc 1. The Moscow Kremlin. Red Square. Administrative buildings.
Russian state symbols
(125 images in A4)

Disc 2: Moscow and the "Golden Ring," (a name designating old towns and settlements around Moscow). Nature of Central Russia. Images of Moscow, Vladimir and Suzdal. Moscow at night. Historical sites and monuments.
(130 images in A4)

Disc 3: The classic sites of St. Petersburg and the suburb of Petergof
(also known as Petrodvoretz).
(125 images in A4)

We also offer large-size images of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Petergof, other historical towns and cities and landscapes of Russia -- scanned from 6x7 slides in the А2 format (300 dpi, > 100 mb). These images can be used in calendars, outdoor advertisements and other kinds of large-size printed material.

Pre-paid orders are sent by Fedex next morning!

Tri Kvadrata designs and produces loose-leave and quarterly calendars and other kinds of printed matter with photographs from its image bank at special prices. Photo search services are also available.

ATTENTION! If buying two or more discs, ask for special prices.


>>> фотографии Санкт Петербурга

>>> Фотографии Москвы, Владимира и Суздаля

>>> Петергоф

All images are protected by copyright and other appropriate legal instruments. The buyer will receive a Royalty Free license.
Photographs for calendars, posters and other advertising and promotional uses.
· Moscow: the Kremlin; Red Square; Lenin's tomb; St. Basil's Cathedral; Russia's Government Building (known as the 'Moscow White House'); the State Duma; Pushkin Monument; Yuri Dolgoruki Monument; Lubianka Square; Cathedral Square inside the Kremlin; the Tsar Cannon and the Tsar Bell; the Ivan the Great Belfry; Minin and Pozharsky Monument; Bolshoi Theater; New Year Celebrations in Moscow; the Spasskaya Tower; Russia's coat of arms; Russia's flag; Russia's state symbols;
· St. Petersburg: the Winter Palace; Palace Square; Petergof; Vasilyevsky Island; the Kazan Cathedral; the Fontanka River; bridges, palaces, and embankments;
· Vladimir and Suzdal;
· Russian landscapes.

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